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Frequently asked questions

What does MIA stand for?

Mia is the name of one of our founder’s dog. It’s as simple as that.

How big is the robot?

MIA is 10″ X 10″ X 10″, about the size of a soccer ball.

Does it work on carpet?

Yes! MIA works on both carpet and hard flooring. It can also move over floor transitions and small slopes of older, uneven floors.

Is MIA suitable for two pets or more?

Yes! One dog, two dogs, two cats, one dog and one cat, every combination works! our It’s also great for households where one pet is more active than the other.

How long does the battery last? How do you recharge it?

It really depends on how many times a day you activate it. It can last a full week, playing three times a day with your pet for 15 minutes. To recharge it, simply plug it into an electrical outlet with the included charging cable.

Does it work with any kind of food?

MIA works with most kind of dry treats or kibble. No canned food or wet treats, obviously.

Are MIA’s settings adjustable?

MIA comes with an intuitive app that lets you adjust the number of treats it will give every day, the number of times its plays with your pet during the day, the speed of MIA depending on your pet’s behavior and many more. You can even customize MIA’s eye color.

What is the treat dispenser capacity?

About 1 3/4 cups or 400 ml.

My dog is chew-happy, is MIA strong enough?

Yes. The robot is made from a very strong polymer (a fancy word for plastic) inspired by the sport industry.

MIA is also round, which makes it hard for your pet to grab.

MIA enters “safe-mode” if tipped over, during which time it stops all activities until it gets back on its wheels. Getting right side up is also made easier by its dome-like shape.

What happens if my dog pees on it?

Well, it’s splash-proof but it’s not submersible, kind of like a sports watch. So if your dog decides to mark its territory, MIA will be safe. But, like your floor, it will need a little cleaning

Why isn’t the camera on the robot?

We tried that option and we found out that with the camera ON the robot, we could not see our pet play. When our cat and dog were behind or beside MIA, we saw nothing. MIA also moves a lot so truthfully, it made us a little dizzy. With the camera installed in a room where your pet plays a lot, you can see all the action. Your stomach will thank you.

Will fur get tangled around the wheels?

A little fur is bound to get trapped around the wheels, but it will NOT impact MIA’s operations. When cleaning MIA, just try to get as much as possible off.

Can my pet open the dispenser door?

No. The dispenser door is secured with a two-steps lock, meaning only a human with opposable thumbs is able to operate it.